Built Cloud-Native Demo Environments to Meet Tailored Demands of 1000+ Global Sales Executives

Cloud Native Development


One of our clients had distributed global operations with over 1000 sales executives. The unique nature of the product required tailor-made demo environments for each prospective lead. This required the combination of rapid deployment and scaling - requirements their legacy environments couldn’t meet.


Our teams worked with the client to understand their business flows. This understanding provided our design team with insights on how the newer user journey would work. Once the journey mapping and UI were done, the API design began. Integration with legacy systems was analyzed and specialized business layers were added. The application used ReactJS as the frontend framework with the backend built in Java. The entire system was containerized and deployed on Google Cloud Platform.


The resulting system was easier to use and due to its cloud-native design, the system is globally available 24x7. It runs on a container architecture which enables it to be elastic, optimizing for both - availability and cost.

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Improved Development Velocity by 75% by Deploying Microservices for 900 Apps and 4,100 APIs

Our objective was to reduce system outages, caused by errors during manual deployments.

Streamlined Development Through Microservices and CICD Practices to Meet the Tailored Needs of 1000+ Global Sales Executives

We improved the costs of customer acquisition and automated the process to build custom demo environments for our client.

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