Products and Partnerships

Products and Partneships

REBIT: Backup, Data Protection, DRaaS

Continuous data protection to both local and cloud-based sources is becoming increasingly critical in 2017. Trends include data transition to the cloud, large quantity of data generated by IoT (Internet of Things) devices, and the maturing of Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). Rebit effectively serves small business and enterprise clients to deliver simple, scalable, and effective data backup solutions.

Software protected by US Patents 8356174, 8266105, 8126851, 8046335, 7899789, 7640280.

BETSOL’s Rebit software is offered to small business and enterprises. It is also used by hundreds of thousands of consumers through OEM Partnerships.

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Leto: DevOps

BETSOL enables its Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery through its DevOps product Leto.Leto is an automation engine and DevOps tool that allows software engineers to manage changes and releases while maintaining system up time. Leto allows for code releases to distributed cloud systems.

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Amazon Web Services

BETSOL is an Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner, providing professional services to design, architect, build, migrate, and manage customer workloads and applications on AWS.

Through Amazon Web Services, BETSOL delivers the infrastructure and services to enable modern DevOps practices. BETSOL’s DevOps processes and technology provide Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, resulting in rapid, reliable, and scalable solutions.

Internet of Things Platform

BETSOL provides class-leading IoT (Internet of Things) solutions to enterprises, based on PTC’s Thingworx platform.

As a leading provider of enterprise technology products and services, BETSOL’s partnership with PTC strengthens its ability to quickly bring customized IoT and remote connectivity solutions to its customers. Customers receive the robustness of the Thingworx IoT platform and the depth of engineering and integration experience of BETSOL.

BETSOL is committed to the entire lifecycle and value proposition Thingworx enables, including deployment, integration, customization, data management, security, and servicing.

Real-Time Chat Translation

Geofluent technology allows BETSOL to offer multi-lingual chat capabilities, development, and integration services. Serve your customers in their preferred language and improve your contact center agents’ productivity with real-time translation services.

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CRM and CTI Integration

With enterprise-grade CTI and CRM integration solutions from Consolium, BETSOL is able to offer context-based intelligent interaction across voice, email, and chat through an integrated business application. Integrate, track, oversee, and organize customer interactions across the entire engagement lifecycle, leading to a seamless customer experience and more efficient operations.

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