Rebit is award-winning PC backup software from BETSOL.

Protecting hundreds of thousands of customers for over a decade with simple PC backup.

Continuous Data Protection

Hybrid Cloud, Network, and Local Backup

1-Click Recovery and Cloning

Breakthrough Technology Protected by US Patents

  • 8356174: Secure networked data shadowing
  • 8126851: Data shadowing system recovery
  • 7640280: Automatically shadowing data and file structures from memory
  • 8046335: Data shadowing system memory module
  • 8266105: Computer image replication system
  • 7899789: Data shadowing for networked computers with network-attached memory
Fully Automatic – Goes to work whenever your computer is connected to the cloud, backup drive, wireless network, or LAN.
Drive Rotation – Backup to multiple drives and rotate them offsite for additional disaster protection.
Continuous Data Protection – Rebit monitors changes to your files and backs them up within moments. File versions are maintained so you can go back in time to any previous version.
Concurrent Direct and Network Backup – Backup to hard drives connected directly (USB, eSATA, etc.) or networked. Wireless backup or LAN connections to Network Attached Storage (NAS).
Full System Restore – Easily recover the entire system hard drive from any catastrophic event – hard drive crash, virus or corrupted software installation.
Data Health Dashboard – Backup status in the “at-a-glance” display shows the progress of backups in real time.

Gain peace of mind with ridiculously simple backup